MindBio Therapeutics Advances in Psychedelic Research


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LOS ANGELES- MindBio Therapeutics Corp. is on the brink of completing a pivotal Phase 2a clinical trial, marking a significant milestone in the study of psychedelic substances for therapeutic purposes. The trial focuses on the use of MB22001, MindBio’s proprietary titratable form of LSD, in microdoses for the treatment of Major Depressive Disorder (MDD). This trial represents a groundbreaking step in the exploration of psychedelics, with MindBio leading the charge as the only company globally to conduct clinical trials approved for take-home use of LSD in microdoses.

The final participant in the trial is expected to complete dosing around February 14, 2024, with top-line results anticipated to be announced in March 2024. This development is especially noteworthy as it underscores the potential of psychedelics, specifically LSD, to offer therapeutic benefits in treating conditions such as depression, within a regulated and safe framework.

The Phase 2a Depression trial is designed as an open-label study involving 20 patients diagnosed with MDD. It aims to evaluate clinically significant improvements in depression severity, measured by the Montgomery Asberg Depression Rating Scale (MADRS). This scale is a globally recognized standard for assessing depression’s severity, making the trial’s outcomes highly relevant to the broader medical and psychiatric communities.

MindBio’s approach to administering MB22001 in titratable microdoses allows for a nuanced understanding of LSD’s therapeutic potential, ensuring patient safety while exploring efficacy. The trial’s success is gauged by improvements in MADRS scores among participants, aiming to provide a solid foundation for LSD microdosing as a viable treatment option.

Additionally, MindBio is conducting a Phase 2B trial targeting existential distress in late-stage cancer patients, a condition characterized by a mix of depressive, anxiety, and distress symptoms often treated with antidepressants. This trial, randomized and double-blind, involves 40 participants and seeks to expand the therapeutic application of MB22001 to include end-of-life care, highlighting the versatility of psychedelic treatments.

Should MB22001 prove effective in these trials, it could pave the way for access to this experimental drug under special drug access schemes, even before full regulatory approval. This would represent a significant breakthrough, offering hope and potential relief to patients with MDD and those facing existential distress due to late-stage cancer.

MindBio’s progress in these clinical trials not only underscores the potential of psychedelics in mental health treatment but also reflects a growing interest in alternative therapies. As the research community awaits the Phase 2a trial results, there is cautious optimism for the role of LSD microdosing in transforming therapeutic approaches to depression and beyond.



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