Clearmind Medicine Secures Patent in China


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LOS ANGELES- In a significant advancement for the field of psychedelic-derived therapeutics, Clearmind Medicine, a biotechnology firm with operations in Tel Aviv, Israel, and Vancouver, Canada, has been granted a patent in China for a novel treatment targeting binge behaviors. The treatment is based on a specific chemical compound known as a primary amine aminoindan, expanding the scope of potential therapies in the burgeoning area of psychedelic research.

This recent patent approval underscores Clearmind’s strategic endeavor to fortify its intellectual property (IP) portfolio in a competitive and rapidly evolving sector. The company, listed on both NASDAQ (CMND) and the Canadian Securities Exchange (CSE: CMND), emphasizes its commitment to pioneering in the psychedelic substance-based therapeutic landscape.

The granted patent encompasses the use of compounds beyond Clearmind’s proprietary psychedelic molecule, 5-methoxy-2-aminoindan (MEAI), which is being explored for its efficacy in managing conditions associated with binge behaviors. The firm’s IP holdings are impressive, with 27 patents already in effect and an additional 24 applications under review across major markets, including the United States, Europe, China, and India. These patents and applications span a diverse range of applications and compositions pertinent to Clearmind’s research focus.

Adi Zuloff-Shani, CEO of Clearmind, expressed enthusiasm over the patent approval, highlighting it as a critical achievement in the company’s mission to lead in the development of psychedelic-derived treatments. “This approval is a major milestone and significantly expands our IP protection as a leader in psychedelic-derived therapeutics,” Zuloff-Shani remarked, emphasizing the innovation behind their treatment for binge behaviors.

Clearmind’s MEAI molecule has shown promise in pre-clinical studies conducted over the past two years, demonstrating potential in regulating binge behaviors, addiction, and other mental health disorders. The company’s optimistic outlook is based on these strong pre-clinical results, suggesting MEAI’s broad therapeutic potential.

Primarily, MEAI is under development as a novel intervention for alcohol use disorder—a spectrum condition marked by an individual’s uncontrolled drinking despite adverse effects on their life. With its potential to also address binge drinking, Clearmind’s breakthrough could offer hope to millions worldwide grappling with excessive alcohol consumption.

As the field of psychedelic medicine continues to grow, Clearmind Medicine’s latest patent achievement in China marks a pivotal step in expanding the therapeutic options available for treating binge-related behaviors and disorders, signaling a new era in the innovative application of psychedelic compounds in mental health treatment.



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